It took Octopizzo 8 years but today he’s one of the biggest acts to ever  come out of East Africa. CNN featured Octopizzo on ‘African Voices’- Rapping from one of world’s largest slums , the documentary set in Kibera, highlights Octo’s come up, slum struggle, inspiration and much more.

Octopizzo spent most of his life in Kibera, loosing his parents at a young age of 15, but the world has seen him defy the greatest of odds to rise all the way up to the creme of Kenyan music. Today he commands a substantial nationwide following.


“Growing up, I wanted to make ‘being’ from Kibera, cool. That was my number one goal, as a rapper. A kid that grows up here, can somewhere and say, ‘Yeah, I’m from Kibera, man. I want to be a doctor’, and people would take him seriously.” he explains




Octopizzo Foundation was recently represented at the just concluded Global Youth Refugee Conference held in Geneva (where Octo is reportedly shooting a video). His foundation has positively impacted the lives of Kibera youth by nurturing their talents and skills in music, arts, film etc.

“Under these iron sheets, there are babies, presidents, the next Octopizzo, everybody’s in here. Only if they meet the right person in their life. If they make the right choices.”

This comes after the singer celebrated 8 years in the music industry in an exclusive party that included activities such as  live music, art auction, photo exhibition and film showcase.