Kenya’s fast rising DJ/Producer collective East African Wave landed safely in Sweden for Bråvalla Festival. Bråvalla is arguably Swedish biggest and most popular Festival. The event which runs from 30th June till 2nd July has previously featured Macklemore, Avicii, Imagine Dragons, Calvin Harris, Mumford and Sons and many more. This years headliners are Rammstein, Mumford & Sons and Volbeat.

EA Wave comprises of 5 multi talented artists (Jinku, Nu Funk,Ukweli, Mvroe and Hiribae) blessed with an array of skills in beat making, deejaying, music production, graphic designing, photography, rap. Jinku is a blend of different influences ranging from electronic music, rock and classical pieces. He recently released his Amedeyo EP. Nu Funk is more experimental and boundless with his sound evident from his impressive craft on recently released Karun’s Indigo EP. Listening to Ukweli you’ll be treated to a captivating mix of Indie Rock, African percussion, ounces of R&B , hip-hop and more. Ukweli is currently working on several different EPs with the likes of Joseph Kiwango, MClaire, he also worked on Indigo and reportedly working on his debut EP. Hiribae on the other hand is more fervent, his sound is a soulful journey laced with smooth trumpet lines and often coating it up with layers of air synthesizers. Mvroe’s sound is loopy and unhinged, he has a knack to creatively craft hyped song tittles that further gives you a thematic exprience of his sound.






Additional info: Okay Africa