The internet has been on a frenzy ever since Gucci Mane’s much publicized early release from Prison: he’s been busy recording music, doing shows and shooting videos. This has however intensified after a satire blog post was floated in the internet claiming that Boosie went on The Breakfast Club and stated how he believes Gucci had been cloned while in jail and the clone is who we’ve been seeing the past few weeks.

Although that bit is a lie (Bossie hasn’t been to The Breakfast Club this year), it has raised a lot of eyebrows sending fans into  confusion and uncertainty. When the prison gates flung open last month Gucci came out a changed man quite literally. His famous beer belly turned into abs and his big body replaced by a trim and fit one. His trademark blue ice cream tattoo is barely visible and many say his accent and rapping style is a little different. Drake joined the debate after he posted a picture with Gucci shortly after shooting a video for one of their latest collaborations stating ” This ain’t no clone,Big Guwoup home”

Many find it hard to believe it’s the same person, maybe Gucci reformed, cleaned up and came out of prison a better man or you’d rather go with the conspiracy theory?

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