What a better way to start your week, than some of Drake’s new releases from OVO Sound Radio. Drake went on a roller-coaster this weekend: releasing a Gucci Mane collaboration ‘Back On The Road‘ before releasing ‘One Dance‘ remix featuring Justin Beiber. The song has already proven to be one of Drake’s biggest hits going all the way to the No. 1 spot on Billboard, a fete he couldn’t achieve even with the publicized ‘Hotline Bling’  banger.

Justin might just be a just drake way of making the most out what has been widely dubbed as the song of the summer. Rumors of the song’s existence began to spread like wildfire last week when Gabrielle Union shared a series of recordings of the track on Snapchat. Justin had previewed the jam in a night club triggering anticipation among Belibers and 6God acolytes.