South African rapper Casper Nyovest steered clear off (SAMAs) South African Music Awards, instead, choosing to host a live stream house party with close friends and confidants. Many were left surprised and heavily concerned after Casper’s self titled album ‘Refiloe’ was conspicuously missing in the SAMA’s nomination list.

Casper Nyovest was quick to set the record straight, saying he intentionally did not submit his album for nomination and would explain why through his music. Casper Nyovest and the organizers of SAMAs haven’t been on good terms since he accused them of “robbing him off” his award last year.

Cassper Nyovest said that he did not understand why he was not nominated for the Song of the Year in the 2015 awards and said he wanted the event organizers to give him answers on how the nominations criteria works.

“Not being nominated for song of the year and not being given a chance for the people to vote is an example of the organizers  changing the fundamental rules of the event. It’s something that has happened to a lot of artists”, said Cassper Nyovest at the Sun City SuperBowl last year.