That time of the month can be terrible and see you imprison yourself in bed. However,  all staying in bed does is enable you to concentrate on the intensity of the cramps. Working out should be able to help you ease that pain.


Whether it is outdoors or on a treadmill, jogging increases your heart rate and thus gets your blood pumping to burn off the cramps causing chemicals.


Yoga is perfect for easing period pains. It gets you moving and active while taking your mind off the pain. It allows you calm mindful breathing that just might save you from period-induced anxieties. The forward bend and the camel pose are especially effective., as is the child pose- acting as a safe haven for you.
The half bound squat is especially great for those that suffer hip pain. It’s good for not just stretching but also opening the hips.


Because of how low impact an exercise it is, swimming is pretty and will help take your mind of the pain. If the water is war, even better, a few laps will increase your heart rate and see to the production of endorphin thus decreasing the intensity of your cramps.