Kenya is the running country, and most people tend to opt for jogging more than any other fitness routine. But you cannot just wake wake up and head to the track; you need to prepare- get your gear in order. A successful ‘jogging career’ will call for the following gear.

running shoes
Running shoes.

Your average sneakers will not cut it when it comes to running. You will need shoes with with great cushioning to protect the soles of your feet from blisters. Nakumatt has an offer on sketchers that might come in handy.


running socksSocks.
Going out jogging, you need something better than the socks you wear to bed. Great running socks should provide a great drying capability for the sweat and smooth seams to avoid friction.


petroleum jellyPetroleum Jelly
If you plan on running in the mornings, you will need some petroleum jelly. Not only does it protect you from the cold, it also limits friction and dry lips.


A tracking Device and Playlist

We combined these two because your phone can act as both, A tracking device (google maps anyone? ) will help you keep track of your mileage while music will motivate you to go further.