As we move office, of course we’re all secretly thinking about how revamp the new empty space. But when it comes to all of our different tastes in furniture, usually not all of us can agree. But something odd happened as we were researching the always brilliant, Vir Panesar… As we scrolled through pictures on the Panesar website, our usually loud office had a moment of silence. This strange occurrence was then accompanied with a sea of “Ooohs” and gasps from our otherwise, artistic type (rightfully so) picky staff members.

panesar blue couch

Vir debaffled our crew when he responded by telling us,

“The furniture that we design, that comes out of this place, you can see it – you can see the heart, you can see the passion in every design.”

When looking back at the photos of the sleek but daring designs, we saw it too! This company – that has been handed down from generation to generation – is constantly reinventing itself. In the 65 years that the company has been running, the designs have taken us through traditional aspects of furniture to the down right futuristic pieces that seem to defy gravity, simply by existing.

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 11.17.43 AM

The craftsmanship, the discipline, the woodwork; this company has it all together. And maybe that’s the reason they’ve been a household name year after year…

panesar stairs woodwork panesar cream

Vir, the seemingly business minded and simultaneously bold creative, left with one last comment that touched the creative spark in all of us.

“I love my job… Having a three generations company to look forward to is something to wake up in the morning for. The only reason why I wake up in the morning, why this company exists, is all because of passion.”

vir photo

Until next time, big thank you goes out to the Vir Panesar and Panesar Interiors for hanging out with us on The Midnight Hump Show. Catch up with everything Vir said in the video below, and as always – keep it good, Good people.