1.) RUPU

Before writing this article, I admittedly wasn’t familiar with Rupu’s electronics section. After checking it out though it definitely tops any other online retailer’s selection and discounts. The best part is you can have it delivered directly to your home or office.


Jumia isn’t my favourite line service – they are pretty bad with communication and you may have to wait up to a week and a half for delivery, but other than that their deals are premium.

3.) OLX

If you can, try and avoid buying second hand technology. The only reason for this is that there’s never a 100% way to know if something has been dropped, spilled on, or infected with a virus. ‘But if you can’t be thankful that the tech industry in Kenya is booming – and this means people are buying, selling, (and trashing) electronics at such a fast rate, you can usually find some pretty great deals online.