Cosmic_Homies recently opened up to the wider Kenyan diaspora through Kenyan Vibe, giving exclusive  insight into their come up, musical influences, plans and thoughts. The collective made up of  Taio, Runkah, Marushka and Kiwango, is a Nairobi-based experimental music collective revolutionizing the Kenyan underground scene. The four collective members played their first U.S. show at South by Southwest Festival in Texas as part of their US Tour dubbed from Kenya To The World.

With their tour coming to a close after performing at 5 shows including the coveted Trinity Festival headlined by Hip Hop legend Rakim the 4 headed back to the West Coast to polish their upcoming Album set for release this summer.


cos 3


During the interview Taio, the band’s DJ, recalled how he met the rest of the band members through mutual friends at a Nairobi music studio. After starting to hang out regularly at the said studio, the four eventually tried their hand at recording some music together. The band draws influence from a wide variety of musical styles including hip-hop, rap, funk and afropunk.


“We were already homies from that point on and the conversations we were having and the general energy in the room was of a higher nature.”


“Whoever is being themselves, breaking outside of stereotypes and doing things on their own are our influences.”


“Whereas a lot of people dream about making a chunk of change and getting famous and buying a Lamborghini or something, I feel like one of our personal goals is to never have to deal with fame.”

Oyaro Clinton                                                                                                                                                              Kenyan Vibe