WGNetworks Saint Evo Early Years EP

The becoming of Equatorial House (EQ) is a musical tale of an exploratory  journey that commenced many years ago in a land far far away. It is a story of a soul searching for musical identity, finding it then seeking to pollinate the same with narratives from indigenous  spaces called home, thus triggering the real revolution that EQ House is finally becoming. But before then, nothing was. Just a soul in the musical lab, toiling for a sound breakthrough.

The Early Years EP is a narrative of these humble beginnings that were strewn with error, anxiety, paranoia and experimental inspirations.  This EP is a compilation comprised of songs produced by Saint Evo between 2012 – 2014, that have been in his vaults at Celsius Degree Studios for all this while. It is an apt prequel to his debut album, JERU, which will be an album that confirms the maturation and blooding of EQ House in and into the world of House music.

It features artists he met during the genesis of the EQ House journey, who with time later cemented their names in the history of EQ House with hits such as Kalijo, Ingoma Lo & Supasta. In this EP, Saint Evo showcases tracks that have never been heard before, featuring  artists that Saint Evo fans are now familiar with such as Inami, Mbewe and Dumac. Most importantly, this EP is a tribute to our late Zimbabwean friend and partner in “musical crime” one Duncan Sande a.k.a Dumac who left us in body in mid 2015.

“We miss  you brother, but we know you are with us in spirit. You are sorely missed shamwari…Chivabvu ( nga ) mweya yako zorora mu runyararo”.

This is an  EP that in years to come will bear testament of how far EQ House will have evolved then…

Indulge n Enjoy!

Source: Saint Evo.

  • on 15th July 2016 at 2030hrs, catch Saint Evo on The Midnight Hump Show here.