If you, like us have been living in Nairobi for a while, then you know sometimes Nairobi feels like a long-term boyfriend.

You know you love them without a doubt, you know you can’t really leave them and each time he walks by you giggle inside from the feeling he elicits within—but by God, sometimes you just get sick of them.

When the view from the KICC helipad no longer makes your knees weak and when it is the price of your drink (and not the alcohol content) that makes you feel all dizzy, it might be the right time to re-inject a bit of magic back into your relationship with the city under the sun.

Have a look at what’s out there beyond 2016 and you will soon be head-over-heels in love again…

What’s Good Networks


The power of What’s Good Studios and What’s Good Live, cooler sister media network is mirrored in the burgeoning success of young Nairobi’s urban talent. Tucked in secret, these talents are curating a Holy Grail online media with a niche for business, arts, entertainment, lifestyle, explore, music and everything cool.

The Alchemist Bar

The Alchemist Bar nairobi

If you are wondering where the bus moved to, now you know. Centuries ago, alchemists dedicated themselves to transforming the natural elements from the everyday into the extraordinary and wonderful. The Alchemist is a bar and food court located on a beautiful outdoor property right in the heart of Westlands.

Equatorial House and Mood Music

Music is Nairobi’s lifeblood. If you have been to the capital and you miss a night out, then trust me you missing out on a lot. And now two new genres are finding their paths in the city’s sketchy alternative music scene. Will they lock the sound? Only time will tell.


Pioneered by recording artiste, Tetu Shani, Mood Music uses instruments to skillfully elicit emotions, his music has life.

saint evo Kenya

Equatorial House is pioneered by recording artiste/DJ/Producer, Saint Evo ‘The Myth’. Quite a disruptor, Equatorial House is laced with a house music beat of ‘four-to-the-floor’ kick, enmeshed with erratic melodic sounds from the Equatorial region. However, it needs to be noted that this sound is still in evolution. In time to come, it will have matured and fully blossomed.

Uber Kenya

Uber Kenya

Daily commute. Errand across town. Early morning flight. Late night drinks. Wherever you’re headed in Nairobi, count on Uber for a ride—no reservations needed. Download the app!


UP2Scratch kenya

Every Friday DJs Kafi, Wabba, Frankie, Youngjockey and VJ Locco delve deeper into music, arts and the creative in this industry.

Sheng Talk

Sheng Talk

Nairobi’s urban slang is becoming the language of the people and James ‘Bond’ Gichuru, Williez De Virus and Charles ‘Chaleslim’ Kariuki are pacing the conversation with Sheng as the language of the big-city youth. It is a Swahili-based slang, with bits of English thrown in alongside other Kenyan and non-Kenyan languages. And, remarkably, it’s catching on across all parts of society. Make sure to get tuned and be schooled on new street slangs by Williez The Virus.

Silent Discos

Silent Discos Kenya

Time to put on those luminous green headphones, get your friends on board and dance! This is the alternative clubbing in Nairobi. There’s no sound. No screams. Just shoulders rhythmically moving to ‘nothing’.

4D Cinema

4D Cinema

Set to be launched in Nairobi by IMAX Kenya, 4D Cinema combines a 3D film with physical effects that occur in the theatre in synchronization with the film. Effects simulated in a 4D film may include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing nairobi

Climb BlueSky is the deal! They have something to offer for all ages, whether it’s a climb challenge, a place to relax and enjoy a hot beverage, or a place to unwind after the day over table tennis. Offering routes for the youngest beginner all the way to advanced routes for experienced climbers, Climb BlueSky offers something for everyone.

Brew Bistro, Westlands

Brew Bistro, Westlands

This rooftop bar is out of this world. An outdoor terrace lashed with expansiveness and luxury for an unparalleled dining adventure in an electrifying atmosphere. Try out their premium locally brewed beers and cocktails.

Caribbean Eateries

Caribbean Eateries kenya

Fancy some real barbecued jerk? Caribbean eateries have a found a home in Nairobi.

Closet Exchange

Closet Exchange kenya

The fashion crowd, are you out there? Closet Exchange is a new online fashion project that provides you with the option of decluttering your wardrobe in style. Launched early this year by Caroline Kagendo Mbui, the project hopes to help you regain control of your closet.

Nairobi Diaries

Nairobi Diaries

Kenyan socialites on TV? That is quite a tremor. Trust me, add cameras and you get an earthquake literally.



She Shapes The City celebrates African women change-makers, we tell their stories to inspire others.

These amazing women are solving the challenges that face their cities and communities.

Anne Mitaru She Shapes The City

They are working in sectors as varied as health, aviation, publishing and human rights. For this podcast series we are featuring 12 women from Nairobi, Kenya. After that we will move on to the next African city to tell their stories.



They are vocal and will take down CNN, Donald Trump, and President Kenyatta any day with ease. Kenyans on Twitter or #KOT never disappoints.

Country Music

Country Music kenya

Who knew Kenyans love country music? Well, Kenya’s Sir Elvis is pioneering a love for country music in Kenya, many miles away from Nashville.

Our Bonus!

Native Kenyan Languages Plays

Native Kenyan Languages Plays

Nairobi is going back to the theatre and what is taking them there in large droves is native 18+ language plays.