Here at What’s Good Live, we have declared this week, International Women’s Week, after all the good and positive vibes that came from Women’s Day a couple of days ago. With that in mind, and with my love for Kenyan music at heart, I thought to list down some of my favourite songs named after Kenyan women by Kenyan artists. There are a lot more out there than those put down in this article, but these are the ones whose videos I could find.

  1. AWINJA – Sauti Sol

According to their Youtube page, this song is a special piece to all mothers in the world. It’s sang beautifully in the Luyha language and even though I don’t know what it means, it always brings a tear to my eye.


  1. WANGECI – Stan

I have always had a special bias towards this song because, well, Wangechi is my middle name. I have this story in my head about how it was written specifically for me. Cheap thrills. But, on a serious note, this song is actually about a girl who is very distraught and wants to kill herself. Stan beseeches her to hold on, telling her that all will be well in the morning. The video tells a vastly different story however, of rebellion and betrayal set in a futuristic Kenya, directed by the very talented Jim Chuchu.


  1. HELENA – 3rd Hand Music

Relatively new to the scene, these three guys sing about a guy with a crush on a girl, Helena. The guy is not so good at expressing his affections to her in the usual ways, you know, a text or an email, or a treat as he is kinda broke, but he’s got a song that he’s written that will knock her socks off. Too bad she doesn’t feel it.


  1. SELINA – Eric Wainaina

Eric’s been in the music game for decades, but is still out there making music. In this song he tells Selina that she should leave her physical abusive partner and let him marry her for twice her bride price, all the while declaring how beautiful she is despite the scars on her face left by her partner’s abuse. It’s an upbeat song that was beautifully reproduced from it’s original sound by Kagwe Mungai.


  1. SAIDA – Dan “Chizi” Aceda

This song presents the classic case of a guy who is not too well off, falling for a girl, losing sleep, feeling faint, losing his focus and showing his muse how much he cares for her in the only way he knows how. A song in her name and a handcrafted gift.


  1. WAITHERA – Harry Kimani

Harry Kimani. Man, do I miss this guy’s music. His signature falsetto, masterful guitar playing and beautiful lyricism set him apart from other musicians and I wish he would just come back. This song is a clear declaration of love and commitment to his muse, Waithera. Unflinching and unapologetic. “Cause believe me, if you ever said you’d leave me, you’d take away a part of me, take away the song I sing, I sing.”