Leadership and Integrity was on focus last month as 10 law faculties from 10 different universities converged at Strathmore university for the Intervarsity law challenge. The event, which was organized in partnership with The Nairobi Law Institute and The Kenya National Debate Council, aimed to put students from accredited law schools on the spotlight with regard to their debating and public speaking skills towards encouraging conversations around social aspects of our community and the law.

The two day competitions (on 26th and 27th February) saw 245 students share their ideas on topical angles around corruption, terrorism, politics and law, electoral and voting systems as well as crime which were obviously necessitated by the on-goings in the news headlines in Kenya. Fresh perspectives on the vices that plague Kenya and other African nations as a result of irresponsible leadership were openly voiced with the represented members of the judiciary in attendance being challenged to take a more proactive role in disseminating justice.


Strathmore University as a venue set the tone for what was to be a very sophisticated event not least because of its incredible works of architecture and professional ethos around attire and behavior. This sophistication was mirrored in the way in which participating students carried themselves during the competitions, a situation which embellished the entire ambiance with unique sense of decorum.

At the end of the event, winners were announced amid thunderous cheers from their host universities. Among the winning universities were Riara University, The University of Nairobi, Mt Kenya University and Strathmore University. The best overall speaker award was bagged by Earnest Mwaura in the male category and Kimberly Mureithi in the female category, both being students from Riara University.


The Law Challenge is set to be an annual tournament event and as the inaugural series displayed, the themes for debate will continue to embody contemporary social issues of our community and how our leadership plays an integral role in finding solutions to these issues.

It wasn’t all suits and tie seriousness however because the wgLIVE entertainment team was present to cover the event as well as to add more color to the grey suits and skirts affair and if you’ve interacted with our team, then you know how we bring it!

Here’s a highlight video we made of the event.