You need a basic understanding of notes, pitches, keys, tempo, etc. Plenty of people, including you, can usually tell when an instrument or singer is off key. Take the time to train your ears to hear what’s ‘off’ in a sound. You’ll want to save yourself the embarrassment of someone else pointing it out to you.


MacBooks are not hailed for their affordability, but they are worth every single penny to just about every beat maker I know. PROVOKE, JACK ROOSTER, KANYE WEST, STROMAE… One of the main reasons MacBooks are popular in this field is because of their ability to handle the heavy RAM requirements of beat making software. It is not mandatory that your laptop is a Mac, but it is highly recommended. I started off on a PC, but I had my eye set on the Mac all along. As tough as it was to hand out the money I did to get one, I guarantee you I’ve gotten my investment back – and then some.


 Fruity Loops is probably the most popular beat making software for beginners. There’s also GarageBand, Logic, Ableton, Reason, etc. Your willingness to learn and be patient with the different elements of whichever software you choose is vital. It is best to start and keep practicing with the software that most accommodates your genre of music so that you don’t have to waste valuable time learning new software.


Someone or someone’s beat inspired you to make beats. You’ve been listening to them for as long as you can remember. Now it’s time stop JUST listening and start STUDYING their techniques. Study the sounds they use, the variations they have, the transitions they implement, the software they prefer using – EVERYTHING. Then add your own flavour to it.


You want to be a super producer (no pun intended)? You need to commit a minimum 2.4 hours a day to the craft. This is not just a suggestion; it’s a scientific fact. If you haven’t heard of 10,000 hours please do some research to get an understanding of what it takes to  master anything.

The underlying factor in all this is the passion you have. Use that passion to overcome every negative force in your pursuit of mastery. Creating is an exciting aspect of life and since sound is almost infinite in nature, the possibilities of what you can come up with are pretty much sempiternal.

Enjoy yourself!