Walking around with a camera on your hand in the slums of Mathare might seem like something someone who’s not from Nairobi would do but I could tell you that there is a certain respect people give you when you have one.
I noticed people appreciate when you see beauty in what they consider normal to them on the daily and you coming to document it because you somehow managed to see something special in it, makes them feel really comfortable with what you’re doing.

The kids.

The kids.

That was my experience one Saturday afternoon doing a project with Jojo Abot who’s one the most creative people I know and most importantly one of the most creative people I know whom will actually execute an idea that they have even if it means doing it by themselves with zero resources.
The project involved shooting a video for Skeme Music who are these really awesome three dudes who make hip hop music together. Jojo was on the video end and I on the Photography end.
It was really moving seeing people getting out of their way to make sure our project was going smooth even when they had no idea what we were doing.





I will not be liable if your camera gets stolen in the streets of Nairobi because of this article (lol)

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