Have you noticed that your morning conversation is mostly influenced by what you listened to in the morning? – And how you start your day is a one way trickle down system to how you will end your day.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

For most of us, our daily commute is influenced by someone else. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice. With a pair of headphones you can simply decide what you would like to listen to.

Here are some of my recommendations to improve not only your daily commute but your overall energy.

1.) Gary Vaynerchuk – Mixing Inspiration With Your Favourite Beats

I need to mention. I can’t stand people who curse. People who curse left right and centre that is. This man Gary is the ONLY exception to the rule. Reason being, he adds a ton of value to all his podcasts. You want to run your own business someday this is the podcast to listen to. Gary talks about entrepreneurship, startups and most of all how to balance family and running a business.

2.) Joe Rogan – Podcast For The Cynical Believer

For your daily dose of truth in the form of crass abrasive comedy, make sure you tune in to Joe Rogan’s podcast. You can download them here.


3.)Mark Gungor – Podcast For The Humorous 

The Mark Gungor podcast is all about love, sex and marriage without all the spiritualization. It is hosted by Mark Gungor who’s a well known pastor with his popular talk “Laugh your way to a better marriage”. If you are used to listen to Matatu Fm sorry i meant Classic FM in the morning, this will be a good transition to podcast.

4.) Smart Passive Income – Podcasts For The Hustler

SPI is hosted by Pat Flynn. Pat considers himself as the dummy tester for all online businesses. He shares tools and hacks that have worked and those that are total bollony. You can listen to all his podcasts here. Pat went from architecture to entrepreneur after losing his job in 2008. I recommend this to any 13 year old and above. After the internet is the future.


So, if you have a cranky housemate everyday at the end of the day maybe you should recommend some these podcasts to them.