Crime Si Poa is bringing a voice to Kenyan youth who no longer want to see crime on their streets.

peter ouko prisoner - What's Good LIVEstay in one of Nairobi’s toughest prisons is enough to break the spirit of anyone – but not Peter Okou. As a young and rising entrepreneur, husband, and father of two Peter’s success came to a screeching halt after he was accused of killing his wife.

With a guilty verdict, Okou was sentenced to death row.

While on death row with his fellow inmates, Peter refused to stop educating himself and became the first Kenyan prisoner to graduate with a Diploma in Common Law from the University of London’s International Programmes.

Crime Si Poa

As a father of two, Okou took it upon himself to create a safe platform to talk about growing crime rates in Nairobi. He started Crime Si Poa as a way to deter youth from crime. With movies and TV shows that glamorize crime Crime Si Poa allows prisoners and ex inmates to recount their experiences for young people to see first hand.

Crime effects 70% of 43 Million people in Kenya.

Crime Si Poa” (Crime isn’t Cool) educates the youth on the ills of crime. The initiative is a lobby and campaign group that he runs in response to the spiralling crime rate in the country as well as recidivism amongst released inmates. One of the organisation’s projects is a vibrant arts project that has drawn the interest of numerous inmates for the art classes that are being offered.””