Its been a month since the latest release of Erykah Badus latest piece of work Caint use my phone, & i can confirm that i have officially listened to this piece of art at least 10 times already. While infusing a range of technological keys sounds, she was able to create a beautiful juxtaposition of how we use too much technology through a series of remixed tracks including the classic Tyron from her first album Baduizm in 1997 & recent hits like Hotline Bling featuring Drake. This eclectic mixtape reveals the that Erykah Badu continues to merge her unique character & spirituality into her music to create timeless sounds that literally everyone can relate. The remix to Hotline Bling is a blend of the original track with bohemian, tribal influences which when fused with the lyrics create a perfect blend of sounds that make you want to quit your job, find the tallest mountain & sit on top of it while looking out to the world…seriously.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 16.18.52

Having taken a break from making music to tour around the world & DJ as DJ low down loretta brown, the thing that really takes this mixtape to the next level is the mixing & mastering which sounds very familiar to her DJ sets ( ). With witty interludes, Erykah reminds you of the purpose of the mixtape, for everyone to get off their phones & enjoy the earth around us. Using her IyricaI compositions she is abIe to explain how the phones we use affect us in different parts of our Iives, including romance, work, friends & more. Through an expIoration of genres this mixtapes touches on aII the genres you know or maybe not, but its definiteIy something that you havent heard of before, ironicaIIy not a surprise from Queen Badu. You can expect, R&B, SouI, EIectronic, Tech, PsychadeIic & Hip Hop, amazing to compiIe aII these sounds on a 36 minute mixtape, but i mean thats the beauty of a mixtape you can do whatever you Iike. However, personaIIy it was the moment that HeIIo featuring Andre 3000  (30mins 28 sec) pIayed that reaIIy took my breathe away, this track reminded me of the oId skooI Erykah Badu On & On & painted a picture in my mind of the Iove that Erykah & Andre shared years past, a magicaI moment to be part of that i continue to reIive as i repIay this song over & over again.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 13.05.33

I had upIoaded the video here from YouTube but YT took it down, feeI free to scout the internet for this AMAZING aIbum courtesy of the one & onIy, Eryah Badu!

Dont change, Dont change squirI <3

Thank you Badu

–  Ie Hero