Good People, 

Most of us use emojis these days, and many of us have worked out how to use emojis for sexting. However, condom manufacturer Durex has a problem with the way we sext: we don’t use condoms. It believes that Apple should create a condom emoji to help promote safe sex.  

Mashable reports that the campaign was created by Durex after they found that millennials don’t care about safe sex *translation: don’t buy Durex condoms* as much as they should:

According to research commissioned by the condom company, around a third of young people aged 16 to 25 claim not to care about safe sex, and nearly half don’t consider HIV a real possibility to them and their friends.

Additionally, the survey found that eight out of 10 young people are more comfortable talking about sex in emoji terms.

According to Mashable, getting the emoji approved would take a year or more. However, Durex wants the campaign to start now, with the hashtag #condomemoji. 

It’s a great marketing plot for the condom manufacturer, but I think they do also have a point. Just as there are campaigns to mandate the use of condoms in pornography, so safe sex should be a consideration in sexting. 

What do you think?