Good People, 

We just streamed our 50th episode of the Midnight Hump Show


At the risk of sounding self-congratulatory, WOW! 

We are truly proud of what we’ve done over the last year. 



Anyway, if you didn’t catch the show live, you can watch the entire episode here.

In From Kenya to the World, Stone Jiwe joined us in the studio to discuss Hip Hip and B-Boy culture in East Africa.

He shared his personal story of dance and music with us, and showed us some of his favourite breakdance moves. 



The phenomenal woman Serraine came on the show for Open Conversation.

She shared the story of her incredible triumph over cancer, and urged us not to ignore symptoms of the disease. In Kenya, cancer often goes undiagnosed until the disease has reached its late stages. Please, please don’t let this happen. Get tested if you notice any of these common symptoms.



Pope Francis is in Kenya, so we had to discuss that during Ratchet News.

We held a little confession, and absolved ourselves of our sins. If you forgive yourself, you pave the way for others to forgive you. 



Finally, you know you can always rely on What’s Good Live to guide you to the best events in the 254, and further afield. 

It’s the end of the month, and there are some events that are not to be missed.