Jambo Good People!


Let me fill you in on some Swahili as the title is ‘HADITHI HADITHI’ which means ‘STORY STORY’ that serves as a primary inspiration on today’s post. ‘East Africa meets London cool’ over in the UK, under a Tanzanian-born fashion designer, Christine Mhando is a contemporary ladies clothing brand inspired by the fusion of two cultures of both her Tanzanian heritage and London upbringing.The label is known for using locally East African printed fabric ‘Khanga’ in most of their collections.



Earlier this year, Mhando and the Project Tribe founders teamed up on a series of photos shot in Guatemala. Project Tribe is a stylish platform intended to connect likeminded women across the globe.The movement, although initially aimed to inspire women of color, managed to connect with men and women of all backgrounds. Their purpose was to build a community of people who come together to uplift, encourage and inspire one another, no matter where they are in the world.



Christine talked more about her inspiration on her new release on an interview with Okayafrica as quoted below, “Inspiration is drawn from colourful Tingatinga paintings from Tanzania and the sayings found on traditional khanga fabrics, this collection focuses on injecting that much needed sense of humor to your summer wardrobe. Our signature transpires from the artful application of the ‘khanga’, a traditional printed East African cotton fabric used by local women as wraps. Each Khanga is unique and often has a Swahili written message on in the form of riddles or proverbs allowing the wearer to express themselves and adding another subtle layer of meaning.”



Hope you’ve been inspired to appreciate the Swahili Culture, Thanks for checking in and click through more pics.