#GoodPeople welcome to #MotivateMonday.

This week, I haven’t felt the most motivated. Its the end of the month, so money isn’t coming in & things seem to be at a standstill, but there is always something I can count on: music.

Here are my Top 5 tracks that will get you up & motivated, or at least thinking about getting up & motivated.

1. Love is a Battelfied – Pat Benatar


2. Madonna – Vogue 


3. He Still Loves Me – The Fighting Temptations 

4. The Rythm – MNEK 

5. Cha Cha Remix (Hotline Bling) – Drake 


These are just a few songs that should get you up and dancing, and get your motivated and excited for the week to come!

Make sure to comment below & let us know which songs get YOU motivated, and if these helped you at all!

Peace, Love & Light,

– LeHero