Queen Victoria

‘She’s like a fire.’

Some poetic guru from somewhere said something to the end of ‘the pen being sharper than the panga…or was it mightier than the sword…’ Hmmm…

In any case (including that of Moses Kuria and the NYS) no weapon in the world cuts with the accurate, surgical prowess with which words do. Some other jamaa somewhere also said there’s no such thing as bad publicity (bado tuna decide…).

So when the virtual wildfire that is #KOT caught wind (yes, pun fully and sheepishly intended) of the beautiful and talented artist/entertainer Victoria Kimani’s tweets about the lack of local support, it was evident that hearts were sliced down to the marrow…or bones…or whichever of those two go together!

A Queen's Tweets

A Queen’s Tweets

When you read the Queen’s train of tweets (train of tweets…ha! I like that… kind of like train of thoug…anyway!) her words cut deep for some citizens of #254 (just in case someone from the West is reading this and is confused, ‘#254’ is not the name of an actual country…it’s a country code assigned to the Republic of Kenya…look the point is…Oh, I need to close these parentheses…) The point is her tweets were too much for some of us to handle (see what I did there? Tweets…handles…ummm, yeah…look out for my album).

'Kenya mannnnnnnnnnn'

‘Kenya mannnnnnnnnnn’


We interviewed Victoria Kimani during Episode 30 of #MidnightHumpShow and in all fairness, it would be fitting to watch her express herself almost prophetically considering the tweets came about two weeks after addressing a similar topic.

Prophetically…hmmm…since her parents are missionaries, does that make her a mis…that’s irrelevant. Watch the interview and decide for yourself what the Queen was really saying. Hopefully, it will ease the pain of her supposedly cutting remarks. Dreadfully, it will make them worse. Either way, she was bold enough to speak to the people about what the people may not have wanted to hear…Like A Boss Queen!

Victoria Kimani #MidnightHumpShow Interview