#GoodPeople of the world! Welcome back to #SelfieSaturday where we scout the web for some cool looking pics that will surely make you smile!

Roskilde Festival is the largest North European culture and music festival and has existed since 1971. We are a non-profit organisation consisting of about 50 full-time employees and thousands of volunteers. With over 110,000 people per day over 9 days, this festival covers world music & is featuring acts like Kendrick Lamar, Paul McCartney, Disclosure, Florence & The Machine, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams & many more including SARABI. One of Kenya’s fast up & coming eclectic groups that never fail to put on a high energy fun-filled performance, and also some of the most humble people you’ll ever meet! Congratulations guys, keep doing an INCREDIBLE job & promoting Kenya & our beautiful culture across the globe! #GoodPeople make sure to follow, like & subscribe to all this SARABI!

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Up next one of my personal favourites, this man introduced me to a psychedelic substance called Ayahuasca. If you’ve heard of DMT then you’ve probably heard of ayahuasca too, they hold the same kind of chemical but the only difference is DMT is synthetic & ayahuasca is completely natural. Found in unique trees that are only grow in the amazon, of course, the tree stem is cut, boiled & brewed to be drank at a ceremony held only by the holy Shaman, father of the amazon. The result, a complete psychedelic immersion into ones self, completely, you meet the good & the bad of yourself, face to face. Many people who have taken this have concluded that by the end of the journey you end up knowing exactly why you’re on earth. Now, back to the artist, Anderson Debernardi, he ventured to the amazon for the exact purpose to take this substance, the result? An artistic representation of exactly what he saw.

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For more info on this artist, & to view this picture in more detail (which you should) check him out here: http://www.debernardivision.com/

Finally to close this #SelfieSaturday, never forget to enjoy life, no matter the circumstance! You’re only as old as you feel 😉

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