Has it ever happened to you? You’re sitting in your room listening to music, and suddenly realize –

You’re in a music rutt 

The same song has played about three times that day, you know all the lyrics, when it drops, and even if they’ve changed the high hit at some point in the song…. If you’ve found yourself in this brain space, it’s time to give some new tunes a try.

Tyler The Creator – Fucking Young

Tyler the creator has some iffy songs, sure. But this vibey track has us in love.

Eryn Allen Kane, “Have Mercy”

Have mercy on us, Eryn Kane… you’ve done it again.

London O’Connor, “Nobody Hangs Out Anymore”


We call this genre Sunday Morning music. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this chilled out melody.

Kat Dahlia, “Gangsta”

An oldie, but a good. Kat Dahlia spits truth in her biggest track that was released in 2013.


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