I remember praying that night.

As the Instagram feeds piled up with photos of her, of her friend, of the lit candles and loving family members asking the people of the world to put their energy towards the miraculous healing of Nairobi’s key, iconic female rap figure. I remember saying aloud…

I know she will recover. Of course, she will. We need her.”


Not just as a human being, but as an artist. And not just as an artist, but as a human being. With that otherworldly set of sparkling eyes and that fearless smile and that not-like-anything-else music she has brought to us for years. When I heard after a few days that she was stabilizing – and then after a few months that she was standing up and speaking out – I knew that all of our petitions to the magical force behind all mysteries in the universe had been honored. And listened to.


But she has been in the shadows lately, people complain. When it comes to the media scene, at least…

And we say – of course. Of course she has. Wouldn’t you be? After a transformational series of moments that most people can never contemplate in a lifetime, let alone experience? Who would rush to speak to the shark tank of publicists looking to sensationalize a story that can never be described in words? It drives me crazy when I hear people calling out for her to appear, appear, appear – already, again, now, now, now.

Let her be! After all, our wishes were granted enough in keeping her with us on this strange, lonely planet in the middle of nowhere. With her rhymes, that keep us rocking up to each new day with that extra willingness to make it through another. And her direct-to-my-fans sweetness. And now – with her latest Wangechi Sessions.



Happy Saturday, Good people. Vibe on. And as for Wangechi – we love you, brave woman! Do you.