What a FENAmenal Wedesday!!

As always, she was on time. Brimming with laughter. And that contagious smile. With her low-key hip threads and calm charisma….always keepin her dreads on lock!!

Personally, as a young musician up-and-coming in the Kenyan music scene, it’s quite spectacular to see how far she has come from her days at USIU, rehearsing with a band in a campus auditorium. It’s not a surprise that her unique vocal style and capability to multitask rap-like grooves with her trendy choruses have helped her rise this far this fast. I’ll never forget watching her headline Blankets & Wine, her incredible on-stage charisma and mature voice had me frozen… Unlike many, she is definitley not an overhyped myth in the industry. If anything, she surpasses all expectations. Casually. Seemingly effortlessly. As if it were nothing. Naturally, one-of-a-kind talent coursing through her blood stream.


As she joyously sauntered onto our sound stage, we featured her irresistible hit “Brikicho”ft Electrique Djs, the whole studio nodding along, hands in the air. Despite her recent media rush of appearances, promotions and performances, she talked with us peacefully. Speaking candidly. Not rushed whatsoever in the usual diva manner one might expect from such an unmistakable star. Divulging the adventures of her recent tour in South Africa, where she opened for Vivian Green and collaborated with impressively high profile artists diversifying the pan-African scene. She went on to detail her earlier inspirations (a fascinating surprise to me!!).

Most amazingly, her passion for supporting local music was evident:

If we could just wake and support every artist who is doing something out there, we would be very far.”


As one of Nairobi’s biggest upcoming artists, Fena feels quite like that friend in your hood who always waves, smiles and sends your family her best wishes. This all to say – we felt blessed to have her vibes at the Good house. To hear about her choice of Nairobi’s top 5 rappers, what she expects to manifest for 2015 into the future and so much more, check out the Artist Kona segment from this past Wednesday’s Midnight Hump Show, as she kicks back with WG LIVE hosts Taio and Kevin.

– Ngare Mukiria