Watch to hear what Just A Band has to say about the importance of starting with whatever resources are available to you, staying true to yourself no matter what and becoming part of an unconventional movement.

It’s long been said that for an artist to become successful they must sell their souls.

– to a greedy corporation sure to subsequently steal from them their due sums of well deserved payment.

But at a time when the commercial mainstream’s top shareholders are those such as independently proud Lordes and Macklemore and the likes of P Square and Flying Lotus are sustaining themselves due to cleverness and courage,

we say that artists can maintain creative independence and still manage to tap the global marketplace. The question we’ve come to discuss is how

So, we’ve decided to sit down with some artists traveling the daring road to independent success, to pick their brains for any brilliant strategies and lifestyle philosophies they consider essential to becoming a strong player in the music scene.

Because it’s time to build a new industry standard.

And that means learning what hasn’t worked in the past, exploring innovative ways to improve the future and connecting with each other in our search for a supportive community – Now!